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Buying a New Water Heater? Calculate Your Savings!

Your water heater is the second biggest energy consumer in your household. This is why upgrading to a more efficient model can save you big time. For instance the Rheem ProTerra™ Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater uses about only a 1/4 of the electricity of an older, conventional water heater. To calculate how much electricity your current water heater consumes and how much you can save by upgrading, use the calculator below.

Using the Calculator

To start, simply drag the slider to choose the number of people living in your household. (The average person uses about 20-30 gallons of hot water per day.) Next, you can adjust your current water heater’s Energy Factor as well as the Energy Factor of your new water heater. At the bottom of the calculator are more settings you can adjust for further accuracy, such as the cold water intake temperature, the water heater temperature and the cost of electricity.


Water Heater Electricity Cost & Savings Calculator

People in Household

This equals about a hot water usage of Gal/Day for the entire household.
Typical Usage: 20 to 30 Gal/Person

Energy Factor of
Current Water Heater

Enter Rating
Select a Water Heater

Your Current Water Heater
Consumes Around
In Electricity Per Year

Energy Factor of
New Water Heater

Enter Rating
Select a Water Heater

Your New Water Heater
Will Consume Around
In Electricity Per Year

Savings Per Year
3-Year Savings
6-Year Savings
10-Year Savings

The calculation is based on a for Charlotte and Sarasota County typical cold water intake temperature of °F, a water heater temperature of °F and on an electricity cost of cents/KWh. This calculator is only intented to give you a rough estimate. The savings are not guaranteed. UEF ratings slightly vary from the EF ratings.

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