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Well Water Treatment

Are you one of the thousands of North Port and Port Charlotte area residents that have a private well as their water supply? Although you may enjoy the lack of a monthly water bill and the flexibility that well systems offer, you’ve probably struggled with one or more of these common (especially in the North Port area) well water issues:

  • hard water
  • bad tasting water
  • bad smelling water
  • iron (causes staining)
  • sulfur odors

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Iron Zapper®

Effectively Filters Out Iron, Sulfur and Manganese

So, are you satisfied with the quality of your well water in North Port or Port Charlotte? If your answer is “No”, then probably one of the first problems that comes to mind when you think about your water is the orange-brown stains caused by iron.

Well water often contains iron, which may stain plumbing fixtures, bath tubs, shower walls and doors. Iron can also stain sidewalks, driveways and add a metallic taste to your drinking water.

Iron Zapper - Before and After Filtration

Iron Zapper®Iron Zapper Iron Filter

The Iron Zapper is an iron reduction system that removes what water treatment professionals call “the troublesome trio”:

Iron Sulfur and Manganese
  • Iron
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Manganese

Iron Zapper® systems from Safeway Water® come with our highly effective Iron Zapper media, NSF certified pressure vessel, Safeway Water control valve, programmed for air induction to accelerate the oxidation process and the best warranty in the business!

How the Iron Zapper® Systems Work

During the cleaning cycle, the Iron Zapper® system uses the oxygen contained in your water and fresh ambient air drawn into the filter tank to oxidize Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese. Oxidation makes the iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese easier to filter. The system then removes the oxidized particles from the filter during the backwash cycle.

Chemical Free!

Iron Zapper systems use a chemical-free approach to Iron, Sulfur and manganese removal when bacteria is not present, and when your well pump can produce sufficient flow for proper backwash to clean the filter media. If bacteria is present in your water, you need the Sulfur Shield.

  • No chlorine (for oxidation)
  • No Potassium Permanganate
  • No chemical pump*

*Provided Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide are not required for disinfection or needed to enhance performance at higher concentrations.

Call us today for more information on the Iron Zapper® System: (941) 629-2500

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Sulfur Shield®

Effectively removes hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese when is bacteria present and disinfection is desired.

If you’re experiencing a “rotten egg” smell when you turn on your faucets, this smell comes from Hydrogen Sulfide. Although not particularly harmful to your health (when found in normal environmental concentrations), the odors resulting from Hydrogen Sulfide are unappealing to say the least.

Sulfur Shield systems are recommended when your water contains Hydrogen Sulfide, because this Sulfur Shield model includes the use of Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection, oxidation and improved performance.

Sulfur Shield Sulfur Filter System

Say “goodbye” to sulfur odors, iron stains, and bacteria!


  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Iron
  • Manganese

Proven technology

Sulfur Shield borrows and expands on the Iron Zapper system’s tried and true technology. Now, with the five step sulfur filtration process and additional media, performance is dramatically improved.

Low maintenance

Sulfur Shield systems require little maintenance. Simply, set it and forget it!


Save money without oxidizing chemicals and by eliminating the need for an expensive chemical feed pump.

Chemical Treatment

Uses Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection, oxidation and improved performance.

Here’s How It Works:

Step #1: Air Pocket

Sulfur Shield systems maintain an air pocket in the filter tank for greater oxidation. This improves filtration by making the sulfur more filterable.

Because Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron and Manganese are better oxidized, filtration rates are significantly improved.

(Flow is down through the filter. Up-flow through the riser tube to service.)

Step #2: Catalytic Carbon

Absorbs tastes, odors and potentially harmful chemicals.

Step #3: Sulfur Shield Filter Media

Highly effective filter media catalyst, used to speed up the oxidation process for greater filtration efficiency.

Step #4: Enhancer

Removes heavy metals and enhances the carbon’s performances.

Gravel is used to distribute the flow.

Step #5

Sulfur is removed by backwash.

Well pump must provide sufficient flow to meet the backwash requirements.

Call us today for more information on the Sulfur Shield® System: (941) 629-2500

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