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Water Softeners & Conditioners

Are you struggling with hard water? Hard water is a common issue, regardless of whether you have city water or a private well. Typically, when your water is hard, you will see mineral deposits on dishes and glassware, calcium scale on plumbing fixtures and soap residue on shower walls and doors. Hard water can also become costly. Scale formation in hot water heaters, dishwashers and coffee makers add to repair and replacement costs.

Our water softeners will get rid of your hard water problems for good. We install, service and repair water softeners and conditioners from Punta Gorda to Venice FL.

You, too, can experience the benefits of softened water:

  • Brighter laundry
  • Smoother Skin & More Manageable Hair
  • No more soap build-up on shower walls and doors
  • Clear & Shiny glassware and dishes
  • Save money with less soap & detergents

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Safeway Water Signature Series Water ConditionerWater Softener System - Signature Series

  • High performance water conditioner, metered for greater efficiency.
  • Stingy with salt and water!
  • Systems come with 8% crossed-linked water softener resin, made in USA.
  • Gravel underbedding for even flow distribution.
  • Brine tanks come with overflow protection
  • By-pass valve included, to isolate the system if needed.
  • Valves are manufactured in USA
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Seven year warranty – control valves
  • Ten year warranty – pressure tanks

Safeway Water Premium SeriesWater Softener System - Premium Series

Premium series water softeners feature the Safeway Water proprietary metered control valve and a 10 year limited warranty. Components are made and systems are assembled in the USA.


  • Advanced electronics
  • Stingy with salt and water!
  • Custom brine tank with marking to indicate salt level
  • Audible “add salt” reminder
  • Premium Dow® 10% resin for long life
  • Designer tanks with decorative tank collars
  • All components are USA made
  • Systems are assembled in USA
  • Ten year limited warranty – complete system!

Twin Tank Water SoftenersTwin Tank Water Softener with Brine tank

Enjoy soft, conditioned water 24 hours per day

Looking for the most effective water conditioner money can buy? Look no further than our twin tank models, providing soft, conditioned water without interruption, 24 hours per day!


  • Systems provide soft water without interruption, 24/7
  • One tank is operational, while the second tank is on stand-by
  • Greater efficiency because the entire resin bed is utilized, before the stand-by tank goes into operation
  • Highly advanced metered control valve uses less salt and water
  • Totally automatic – ideal for residential and commercial use
  • Tank jackets are included
  • Ten year warranty

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