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No Salt Systems

Green Treat No Salt Water System

Are you looking for a green solution to your water issues; one that doesn’t waste water and doesn’t require salt or electricity? If you have city water with mild to moderate hardness, and/or are experiencing odors and bad tasting water, then our Green Treat Water system may be right for you.

Green Treat Water™No Salt Green Treat Water System

With our Green Treat Water system, you’ll get high quality water from every tap in your house, plus protect your plumbing fixtures and hot water appliances from scale build-up. 


Dual Treatment

Provides dual treatment for whole house filtration and scale control. Removes chlorine, taste, odors and organic chemicals.

NO Salt Required

With Green Treat Water systems, there’s no need to regenerate the media. This means salt is not required; there’s no discharge to drain; and you save time and money.

NO Wasted Water

Our “flow through” systems do not need backwashing, so water is not wasted. This saves thousands of gallons per year, compared to conventional systems.

Perfect for Municipal and Community Water

Green Treat Water systems are designed for city water and community water applications. In well water, pre-treatment for Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Copper and hydrocarbon is required.

NO Electrical Power or Drain Needed

Here’s How It Works:

Our two tank system is used for whole house water filtration and conditioning.

Tank #1:

The process starts in tank #1, where harmful chemicals that may be in your water are reduced using our NSF certified activated carbon.

Tank #1 Treats and Removes:

  • Harmful Chemicals
  • Bad Tastes
  • Chlorine
  • Odors

Tank #2:

The final water treatment process occurs in tank #2, where our Green Treat Water media provides treatment for scale control and prevents hard water scale formation. This treatment protects appliances, such as hot water heaters, dishwashers, coffee makers and ice machines.


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