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City Water Treatment

If your water comes from a municipal source or a chlorinated well, are you satisfied with your water quality? The water pollution crisis in Flint, Michigan, could happen anywhere, so it’s advisable to have your water tested, whether you live in Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte or the surrounding communities. Also, a water test may diagnose other common water quality problems. For instance,

  • Is your water too hard?
  • Or maybe you’re experiencing a bad, chlorine taste or some foul odors?
  • Or perhaps you’re worried about harmful chemicals tainting your water?

We have a solution that will combat all three of these issues and put your worries to rest.

Triple Treat Water Conditioning Systems

Two Tank Triple Treat Water Treatment

Our single and dual tank water conditioning systems treat city water and chlorinated well water. These systems provide triple treatment for water hardness, tastes and odors. That’s three treatments – all for one low price!

Provides “Triple Treatment” for

  • Harmful chemicals
  • Chlorine taste and odors
  • Water hardness

Twin Tank Models

Here’s how it works:

Tank 1: The process starts in tank #1, where harmful chemicals that may be in your water are reduced using an NSF certified activated carbon. Chlorine, bad taste and odors are removed during this process, so you get high quality, great tasting drinking water from every tap in your house.

Tank 2: The final treatment process occurs in tank #2, where your water is softened using our ion exchange water treatment process. This treatment prevents Calcium scale from forming in your hot water heaters, dishwasher, coffee maker and other hot water appliances.

Single Tank Models

Single Tank Triple Treat Model

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Chemical Removal

Water enters the multi-media tank from the top and ­flows through our special blend of NSF certified catalytic coconut shell carbon. During this process, potentially harmful chemicals such as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, industrial chemicals, benzene, ethyl bromide, cleaning compounds, cresol and chemicals used in fertilizers are removed.

Step 2: Filtration for Chlorine Taste & Odor Removal

As water continues to ­flow through the catalytic coconut shell carbon bed, Chlorine tastes and odors are removed through adsorption, adding a “sweet” taste to your water.

Step 3: Water Conditioning

During the ‑final treatment process, Calcium, Magnesium and other water hardness minerals are removed from your water to provide soft water for whole house water treatment and conditioning.

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