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Video Inspection with “SewerCam”

Video Inspection - Root Intrusion

The only part of a property that most people never get to see the inside of is its drains.

Yet problem drains are what often intrude upon the otherwise smooth operation of a home, an office, or condominium occupancy in a surprisingly rapid and often unpleasant manner.

You take great pains to make sure you know everything about the properties you represent because removing any mystery about the property is critical.

The last thing you want is a client with a costly drain problem that erupts not long after closing or occupancy. But with drains so hard to access and often buried under many feet of earth, it’s difficult to know what condition they’re in until they actually back up. That’s not a good method, and by then it can be too late for simpler and more cost effective remedies.

The problem is very real, especially on older properties, properties with trees and shrubs and properties that have been unoccupied for protracted periods.

Having offered video inspection since 1994, we have found it to be the proven, state-of-the-art method of accurately assessing the condition of a building’s sewer drains.

Using an “on-board” transmitter in the camera, the location of a problem can be precisely marked so the repair can be made with major intrusions and unlike other video inspection companies our services are not limited to just video inspections. Our experience and licenses allow us not only to locate your problem, but to effect permanent repairs as well.

Many drain line problems, such as grease, pipe age, and construction debris are overcome by high pressure “Jetting” which normally does not require excavation as the line is normally accessed using the same entry point as the video camera.

Call us now to ask about video drain / sewer line inspection: (941) 205-2133

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