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How to Enjoy a Plumbing Problem Free Holiday Gathering

With Thanksgiving less than one a week away, the holiday season is descending upon us like a rafter of turkeys. For you, this might mean cooking for and entertaining guests on a larger scale — which can put an extra strain your plumbing system. This is why Thanksgiving and Black Friday are traditionally two of the busiest days for plumbing professionals.

The good news is, there are things you can do to prevent a plumbing disaster from spoiling your festivities.

Here are some tips to keep your feast plumbing problem free:

  • Keep your drains clear of fat, grease and oil, which can cause clogs when they cool and coagulate in your pipes.
  • Use the trash can, not the garbage disposal, for bones, stringy veggies (like celery and asparagus), coffee grounds and egg shells — and be sure to keep the disposal clear of non-food items.
  • Make sure your guests know what not to flush — which is pretty much anything besides toilet paper and human waste.
  • Take care of existing problems, like a slow drain or a toilet running through, before the big day.

If you need assistance before, during or after your holiday feast, we’re here to help!

Call us for 24/7 emergency service at 941-629-2500. We’ll be right over.

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