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6 Things You Don’t Want Your Holiday Guests to Say

If you’re like me, then you look forward to holiday gatherings with family and friends. Perhaps relatives come from far and wide to stay at your house and bask in the warmth of Southwest Florida winter. You cook and bake for parties. You plan and you decorate; you make sure everything is perfect. And then, the unexpected happens. A clogged drain! Not enough hot water! Poor water quality! Here at Ray’s Complete Plumbing, you’d be surprised to hear about the emergency calls we sometimes receive. We know – maybe better than anyone – how nothing puts a damper on the holiday cheer like a plumbing issue.

The following is a list of six plumbing and water quality-related complaints you don’t want to hear from your guests – and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Complaint 1: “Where did the hot water go?”

Cold shower

How to Prevent: Larger water heater tank
Having overnight visitors during the holidays? Make sure your water heater can keep up with the increased demand for hot water. Consider investing in a new water heater with a larger tank so that there’s enough hot water for Cousin Joanie to shower while you do the dishes. Plus, if your unit is over 10 years old, upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient model can actually help you save money in the longer run.

Complaint 2: “The kitchen sink is clogged!”

No potato peels in the garbage disposal

How to Prevent: Watch what you throw in your disposal.
If you’re cooking for a holiday party, it can be tempting to toss all kinds of waste into your garbage disposal. But doing so can cause a nasty clog. Be careful not to throw in starchy or stringy items like potato peels, celery, pasta or rice. Also, oil or grease will congeal and clog the pipes. As a rule: throw only soft, small, non-fibrous food items in the disposal. The rest belongs in the trash can.

Complaint 3: “The shower’s not draining!”

Hair Catcher Drain Protector

How to Prevent: Drain strainers / Hair Catchers
Holiday gatherings mean more people in your home, and more people mean more potential for clogged drains. Prevent clogs before they occur by installing drain strainers over shower drains or bathroom sink drains to catch hair. Hair catchers typically cost under ten bucks at your local home improvement store, or you can buy them online.

Complaint 4: “The tap water tastes terrible, and we’re out of bottled water!”

Bad tasting water

How to Prevent: Reverse Osmosis
There’s nothing like great water quality to make your holiday guests comfortable. If you’re tap water is sub-par and you’ve been relying on bottled water, you might consider a reverse osmosis system. A reverse osmosis system generates pure, great-tasting drinking water. Plus, over time you’ll save a bundle not having to buy bottled water.


Complaint 5: “Your washing machine stained my white blouse!”

Stained Laundry due to minerals in water

How to Prevent: Water softener and/or iron filter
Grandma just spilled punch on her favorite white blouse and you offer to wash it for her. To your horror, instead of a sparkling clean blouse, out of your washing machine comes a garment stained rust-yellow by your well water!  A scenario like this can be prevented. A water softener, combined with an iron filter, removes discoloring minerals and results in brighter laundry. The other benefits of softened water include shinier dishes, smoother skin and more manageable hair. Plus, you’ll keep reaping the rewards of clean, pure water long after your guests head home.

Complaint 6: “The toilet’s backing up!”

Sign on toilet lid reading TP Only Please

How to Prevent: “TP only” sign
 Let’s face it: a functioning toilet is the unsung hero of any successful holiday party. Keep yours running smoothly and clog-free by posting a sign inside the toilet lid reading “TP only, please”. This should discourage guests from tossing in non-flushable items like feminine products, facial wipes, paper towels, etc. Also, be sure to provide a trash can nearby.


A few preventative measures go a long way. But even if, despite your best efforts, a plumbing problem does occur in the midst of your holiday celebration, we’re just a phone call away. Do you live in Southwest Florida, in the Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port or Englewood area? Our expert technicians will be right over to fix your clogged toilet or drain, burst pipe, water quality issue or whatsoever threatens your comfort and joy.

Wishing all of you a very merry, worry-free holiday season!

Ray’s Complete Plumbing –promoting happy holidays through reliable plumbing service since 1957.

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